Healthy Outlook

Healthy Outlook

 Helping Seniors Live Happier


Sometimes a helping hand is all that’s needed to get your life back on track. The proper guidance and regular attention of experienced professionals can lead to improved lifestyle as well as better overall health. Healthy Outlook is ready to help you find hope once again.


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The issues affecting seniors are uniquely challenging. Declining physical ability, loss of loved ones and isolation can lead to depression, anxiety, and other issues. But depression and anxiety are not normal at any age.

At Healthy Outlook our goal is to help Medicare patients safely return to their optimal style of living. Allow us to partner with you in making the future brighter for you and your loved one. Hope is just around the corner.

Services Include
• Confidential treatment
• Psychiatric & psychosocial assessment
• Group, individual and family therapy
• Medication management
•Therapeutic activities
• A noon meal during the day
• Coordinating the patient’s care with the individual’s primary care physician
• 6–12 week program (2–4 days per week)
• Discharge planning
Signs of Depression/Anxiety
• Lethargy: loss of energy and/or motivation
• Aches and pains with no apparent cause
• Changes in sleep patterns: insomnia, hypersomnia, sleeping during the day and up during the night
• A depressed or empty mood
• A loss of pleasure in activities
• A substantial, unplanned weight loss or gain
• Restlessness, irritability
• Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness
• Excessive or inappropriate guilt
• Difficulty thinking clearly
• Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide
• Excessive anxiety or worry
Your Treatment Team
Your treatment team is multi-disciplinary in design to ensure the best possible patient care. Along with the patient, family members, and the family doctor, the team includes:
• Medical Director • Program Director
• Nurse • Primary Therapist
• Clerk
Healthy Outlook
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Thank you for choosing Wayne County Hospital for all your healthcare needs.

Thank you for choosing Wayne County Hospital for all your healthcare needs.

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