Radiologic Technologist Assistant

May 11, 2023 / 5 mins read

Department: Radiology

Contact Person: Heather Graves

Type: Full-time - Day Shift Position

Application Period: 05/9/2023-05/23/2023

Position Information: Supports the Radiologic Technologists in the planning, execution, and follow up of imaging exams and procedures meeting the standards of the department.

Title: Radiologic Technologist Assistant
Reports to: Radiology Management

Job Summary:

  • Assists clerk in answering phone calls directing patient flow.
  • Assists clerk in contacting patients for confirmation, rescheduling, and follow up.
  • Greets patients upon arrival to the Radiology department and consistently facilitates the patient’s department experience.
  • Escorts the patient throughout the department and assists as needed with patient arrival and departure from the department.
  • Performs initial screening for contrast allergies and escalates to the Technologist for review.
  • Prepare and administer oral contrast, when applicable.
  • Establish and prepare intravenous access for contrast administration.
  • Draw, prepare, and deliver specimens for lab testing.
  • Assesses the patient’s needs and provides direct patient care and assistance as needed to facilitate imaging services and as related to patient comfort and provides support accordingly.
  • Assists the patient, as applicable, in preparing for the procedure by assisting patient transport, gowning, and transfer to exam table.
  • Assess patient vitals and condition and assist during an emergency.
  • Assists lead technologists in reviewing schedule and protocoling future patients.
  • Assists radiology management in data entry and follow up activities related to the Actionable Finding and WCH’s Radiology’s Screening Programs.
  • Keeps patients informed of wait times and/or next steps in their medical processes.
  • Receives phone calls from the floor/ED and provides timely communication regarding scheduling.
  • Assists technologists in Performance Improvement, Quality Assurance, and Radiation Safety activities.
  • Serves as second MRI personnel necessary for MRI safe coverage within Zone 3 and 4 per ACR and JCAHO requirements; serves as tech extender for CT.
  • Provides patient assistance (i.e. restroom) and preps patient to go into imaging.
  • Supports patient flow and unit operations by maintaining supplies, equipment and modality environmental standards (stock room, prep for next patient)
  • Participates in modality staff meetings, in-service, etc. as required.
  • Prepares, cleans, and assists in maintaining equipment.
  • Stocks patient exam rooms while maintaining cleanliness and organization and dispose of contaminated items according to protocol.
  • Reports equipment failures immediately upon identification.
  • Coordinates the inpatient department flow by maintaining communication between the department and patient floors.
  • Promotes the team approach to providing Radiology services by positively interacting with the technical, support, nursing, residents, and medical staff.
  • Engages in problem solving, crisis management and systems implementation throughout the hospital to promote and support efficient, high-quality, cost-effective patient care.
  • Completes all in-services and competencies by the required date and applies knowledge gained.
  • Maintains confidentiality of all Protected Health Information.


High School Diploma

Preferred but not required: EMT, CNA or MA (or other healthcare related certification) license or eligible.

BLS – ACLS within 1 year of hire.

Phlebotomy/Venipuncture trained or trained within the orientation period.

Experience with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


Full Time day shift position; 7:30 to 4; Shifts/Days may vary to provide coverages for holidays, sicknesses, or vacations.

*Make all applications in writing to Heather Graves, Radiology Manager or
apply online at

Equal Opportunity Employer